Welcome to my blog/portfolio.  My name is Adam Lucas and I am an aspiring graphic artist.  I go to Purdue School of  Technology in New Albany, IN.  I am a CGT major, and I have about 2 years of school left.  I have been doing graphic design as a hobby since 9th grade (2004), but now I am ready to make it more than a hobby.  My interests aside from graphic design are sports (mainly UofL), music, my girlfriend Leighanna, and movies.

The purpose of this blog is to display my work.  Most of my work is just stuff that I have done for fun and to practice the craft.  You will notice that a lot of my work deals with UofL sports, or sports in general.  Some of the work I will post is from assignments at school, freelance work I’ve done, and hopefully soon actual paid work.

I hope you enjoy my work, and please feel free to contact me with any questions, requests, suggestions, or if you are interested in my services.  Thanks for viewing, and come back often to see the updates.

By alucas1505

2 comments on “Welcome

  1. Hey man,

    If you get a chance could you possibly do a Baltimore Orioles wall paper for me?! I’m a HUGE Orioles fan and always have been but being from Kentucky there are NONE here. My favorite players are Adam Jones, Manny Machado, or Nick Markakis if you could do ANY of them that would be AWESOME.



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