Melvin Dolberry wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper that I did from a request. Melvin Dolberry is a JUCO player that contacted me to make a wallpaper for him, and here it is.  I did one for Melvin a few years ago, and since he started playing college ball, he wanted another.  

By alucas1505

One comment on “Melvin Dolberry wallpaper

  1. What’s good Adam? It’s been a minute bruh, hope everything is good with you. Been following your work and see you still doing what you do best. I was just wondering if you could hook me up with a new pic for my twitter layout. I’m currently using the old one you made for me, but I had it for awhile now and think it’s time for something new lol. You can contact me by twitter (@MDotDolberry) I’m following you by the way, or facebook (Melvin Dolberry Jr.). Look forward to hearing from you bruh, keep up the good work!

    – Melvin Dolberry Jr.

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