Brandon Phillips Wallpaper

Brandon Phillips is the next Reds’ player to get a wallpaper this week.  Phillips is obviously a huge part of the Reds plans for 2011, and we have no reason to believe he will disappoint.  He came to Cincinnati in a trade for “players to be named”…… WINNING.  Phillips quickly became my favorite Reds player (someone had to fill the void after Freel left), and he should be a role model for any aspiring baseball player.  He hard work and hustle have made him one of the top 2nd basemen in the game, and a proud member of the 30/30 club.  Hopefully things continue to go well for Phillips and the Reds this season.

By alucas1505

3 comments on “Brandon Phillips Wallpaper

  1. Hey man I’m a huge fan of all your wallpapers. The background of my computer is constantly changing because they’re all so awesome. With Cincinnati right up the highway from us, I think it’d be awesome to have some Reds wallpapers like this one periodically throughout the season!

    Keep up the good work!

    • I posted a Votto wallpaper a few days ago actually, just go to and it should be the very first post. I’d like to make a Rose wallpaper, as he is one of my favorite players, so I’ll definitely see what I can put together. And are you thinking Griffey Jr. or Sr.?

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