James Harden Wallpaper (for www.welcometoloudcity.com)

As I mentioned in the Westbrook post, I’m working with the guys over at welcometotheloudcity.com to produce several OKC Thunder wallpapers.  Since I don’t follow the Thunder much, the guys that run the site and the fans that visit have been pouring in the ideas for different wallpapers.

This edition is obviously of James Harden, but the rest may not be so obvious.  For those of us who were part of the Pokemon phenomenon, you will recognize Metapod in the OKC logo, but only the true fans will get the reference. You may remember that Metapod only had one move in his arsenal…. harden.  Hope everyone likes the wallpaper, I’ll have more Thunder wallpapers to come.  Be sure to check out welcometoloudcity.com for all your Thunder, and NBA, news.  

By alucas1505

One comment on “James Harden Wallpaper (for www.welcometoloudcity.com)

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