Todd Frazier and Zack Cozart Wallpaper

There hasn’t been many things to be positive about late as a Reds fan, but the emergence of young talent is definitely looking good.  Todd Frazier and Zack Cozart (among other young players), have stepped it up recently and are showing that they may belong on this level.  Before Cozart went out with an injury, he was on a roll.  He has been rock solid in the field and at the plate, hitting safely in his first 8 games in the major.  Frazier has played a couple different positions since coming up, and hasn’t disappointed at any of them.  His most likely chance to find a home is going to be at 3rd base, with Rolen out for at least a few more weeks.  Frazier has also been hitting the ball well, which is something the Reds need if they are going to salvage anything from this year.

By alucas1505

2 comments on “Todd Frazier and Zack Cozart Wallpaper

  1. Any chance I can get this wallpaper emailed to me without the design logo in the top left? I’d like to print it as an 8×10 to get autographed. Thanks

    • Hey Coleen,

      I’d be happy to send you an 8×10 version of the design, but it will still have my logo on it. That is how I spread the word and get my name out there, so I’d rather not take it off. Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks for looking, and glad you liked what you saw

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