Yonder Alonso Wallpaper

Yonder Alonso has been a well known name amongst Reds fans since he was drafted out of Miami.  He saw a little time in the bigs last year, but has gotten more of an opportunity this year and has proven one thing: he can flat out hit the ball.  He may not have a true position (or at least one that isn’t taken by the reigning NL MVP), but when you can swing the bat like he can Dusty has to find ways to get him to the plate.  Last night was his first start at 3rd base, he has played LF, as well as 1st.  Left field has been pretty crowded, even with Gomes being traded away and Heisey spending most of the second half on the DL.  3rd base could be an option for Alonso, but in my opinion Frazier has done enough to see some regular time there.

So what the Reds do with Yonder is yet to be seen, but I hope they can find a spot for him.  He is a very talented player, and I’d like to keep him in a Reds uniform for years to come.

By alucas1505

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