Chris Paul Wallpaper

Here is another entry for the All-Star Wallpaper Contest, and this one features Chris “CP3” Paul.  I’ve been a big fan of Chris Paul since his college days, and he is definitely one of (if not THE) best PG in the league.  Now that he has teamed up with Blake Griffin and company in L.A. the Lakers aren’t the only show in town.  With the shortened season the Clips have some ground to make up (they are second behind the Lakers), but it is sure to be an interesting finish and stay tight the rest of the way.   Paul finally has a cast around him that can help him take his game to the next level, and he has done that so far this year.  He is averaging 18 ppg with 8.4 assists per game.  I don’t know how long Paul will stay with the Clippers, but I do know they are going to be fun to watch while he is there.

By alucas1505

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