Twitter Give Away!

I’ve decided that it is time to step my twitter game up, and to help with this I’ve decided to do a give away to one of my twitter followers.  To be eligible all you have to do is follow me on twitter, and mention me or one of my wallpaper links in a tweet.  I’ll randomly pick a follower as the winner, but only if I get to 100 followers (a sad goal I know).  So be sure to tell your friends, co-workers, and neighbors to follow @Adam_Lucas_ on twitter

How to enter: Follow me on twitter, and either mention me or share one of my wallpaper links in a tweet.  Each tweet will give you an entry, so you can enter as many times as your fingers will allow you to tweet about me.  You will also get an entry if you like the Adam Lucas Design Facebook page HERE. If that wasn’t enough opportunity, you can get another chance to win by subscribing to my site (which you can do my entering your email address on the right side of the screen.  All this will do is send you an email when I make a new post)

What you win: The lucky winner of this “contest” will get an 8×10 print of one of my designs.  It doesn’t have to be a player that I’ve already done, I’ll work with the winner to make a wallpaper they’d be proud to hang in their man cave.  The winner can be as involved in the design process as they want to be : pick the player, the pictures featured, the font…. anything they want.  I will get the finished design printed, put it in a frame, and ship it anywhere in the U.S.

Get started: Alright…. GO!



By alucas1505

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