Angel Mccoughtry Wallpaper

Angel Mccoughtry is a familiar name to most UofL basketball fans, and is quickly becoming a household name all around the world.  She lead the Lady Cards for 4 years and by the time she left the only records she could break were her own. In her tenure with the Cards she was named Big East player of the year, an all american, broke the schools all time scoring record, recorded 2 triple doubles, among many other achievements.  After graduating it was time for her to make a splash in the WNBA, which she didn’t hesitate to do, winning the rookie of the year award.  Many people saw her in the celebrity All-Star game during the NBA All-Star Weekend which only fueled her fame.  Now she has decided to take it to another level and try her hand in the music biz.  A few days ago I saw this post on and decided to check the video, and I was impressed.  I don’t follow women’s basketball much, but Angel is the reason I follow it at all.  I attended my first Lady Cards game her Sophomore year, and have attended several since.  I’m sure Angel will continue to be successful in whatever she decides to do next, and make the University of Louisville proud.

I want to thank Scott Engelhardt for the picture.  I  came across his flickr stream while searching for a good picture of Angel, and he has a lot of great pictures.  I definitely recommend checking his work out.


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