Larry O’Bannon Wallpaper

One of the winners of my twitter contest decided that she wanted an illustration done, and original was going to go with Chane.  But in an email she mentioned that Larry O’Bannon was her favorite Cardinal, and he is one of mine, so we made the switch and decided to go with a Larry O illustration.

Larry had a huge career at UofL (mostly his senior year) and helped lead the Cards to the Final Four (which I was lucky enough to watch the first 2 rounds of the Tourney).  Since leaving UofL he has gone on to have a good career over seas and does a lot of work with the community of Louisville.  He is a great player, and by all accounts a great representative of the university.  It is long over due, but here is the new Larry O’Bannon wallpaper.

By alucas1505

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