If you like what you see, please feel free to contact me to work on your project.  I also enjoy hearing any recommendations or suggestions that can help me improve my work, so don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason.


Phone:  502-553-7656


16 comments on “Contact

  1. Whaddup Adam! You probably don’t remember me but you designed a picture for me awhile ago (Melvin Dolberry) it’s still on your photobucket account. I been trying to find you to see if you could design me a new pic now that I have some of my college ball pictures available. Hope everything has been good with you. Hit me up!

    – Melvin

    • Hey Melvin,

      I definitely remember you, and would love to do another wallpaper for you. Glad to hear you are playing college ball now, where are you playing? Just email me some pictures, and any ideas if you have them, and I’ll put something together in the next couple of days. It was good hearing from ya man.

      -Adam Lucas

  2. If I sent you some pic’s of U of L stuff could you make a couple of wallpaper’s form them? (Current Player’s, incoming player’s, and logo)Thanks, and I like the work you’ve done.

  3. My name is Beth Denham and I am the executive director of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and I am working with Coach Strong, his Wife Vickie, and Will Stein(has a cousin with CF) on an event at PJCS. It’s called climb for life– Climb Strong, and if you would like more information you can visit the website I have listed. I have made shirts in the past for other events of mine and am looking for a design for the climb. My phone number is 502-817-6817.
    Thank you,
    Beth Denham

  4. Hi Adam…I’m another Adam seeking a design for a UofL tattoo. I don’t have any tattoos but would like one, preferably UofL but don’t see any on the internet worth getting. I would like something tasteful (not cheesy). If you could help me out with designing one I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your time.

    Adam Banks

  5. Hey Adam,
    I was wondering if you could do something about “Getting on the Train” for UofL football. (from Vance Bedfords’ speech about the future of Cardinal Football.) And I guess really I was wondering if you had thought of doing anything on a place like redbubble where they print t-shirts with custom designs. With a lot of your designs I’m suprised I haven’t seen them on shirts or the like and figure that might be a revenue stream for you too! Please let me know!


  6. You don’t happen to provide full size posters of some of your images do you? I might be interested in a couple of good size (2’x3′ or 3’x4′) posters of some of the wallpapers you’ve done of the Cards basketball team.

    Whether you get the images printed, or just provide a high quality data file that I could get printed myself, it would be pretty cool.

    Also, any chance you could work up a wallpaper or two with Teddy Bridgewater on them besides the Belk Bowl one?


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