Studio Photo Shoot





This semester I’ve had the chance to do some studio photography work, and this is my latest shoot.  This is my cousin, Niya, she is almost a year old.  I had a blast shooting these, and I am very happy with the way they turned out.  I look forward to doing similar shoots in the future.

DSC_0050 DSC_0071 DSC_0076 DSC_0086 DSC_0087 DSC_0088 DSC_0092 DSC_0099 DSC_0101 DSC_0132 DSC_0154 DSC_0162 Lucas_High_Key Lucas_Low_Key

Magazine Ad for HCSAPC

The past few years I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Harrison County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, and I had that opportunity again this year.  The group focuses on keeping drugs out of the community, this year focusing on prescription drugs.  I created an ad for a local magazine that is published annually, and this is the result.


Studio Photography Assignments


I am currently taking a studio photography class that focuses on lighting styles and techniques.  Here are a few assignments from the class. The first was to focus on how shadows create a mood in an image.  The second set were black and white line photography, using black/white cards to reflect the light and create the line around the glasses.






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2013 ESPN Bracket Challenge, W/ prizes

I am holding an ESPN Bracket Challenge, and the winner will receive a free 8×10 print of a custom design that they help me create.  The winner will have the option to be as involved in the design as they choose.  They will be able to select the player, the background, theme, style, font, anything they’d like.  The challenge isn’t only open to UofL fans, so if you are a UK fan that has been wanting one of my designs, this is probably your only opportunity.  All you have to do is visit THIS link, put in gocards as the password, and pick away.  Good luck to everyone, I will contact the winner when all is said and done about the design.  Thanks for playing.


2013 Bracket Challenge


Password: gocards

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Pictures from my first studio shoot

Last night I did my first studio photo shoot, and thought I’d share a few of the pictures.  The shoot was for a project in my studio lighting class, and I had to utilize 4 different lighting styles; broad, short, rembrandt, and butterfly.  The following are the results, plus a few other shots that I just liked.  Thanks for looking, I hope to be posting more pictures in the near future.

FosterLucas7 FosterLucas6 FosterLucas5 FosterLucas4 FosterLucas3 FosterLucas2 FosterLucas1

Terrence Williams Wallpaper

If you have followed my work over the years, you probably know that Terrence Williams is one of my all time favorite Cardinals.  When he was drafted 11th overall, I was excited to see him make a name for himself in the NBA.  As I’m sure you all know, things didn’t go as planned for Williams, as he ended up jumping from team to team and eventually ending up in China.  After having a successful year over seas, Williams has been given another chance in the league with the Boston Celtics.  He made his Celtics debut last night against the Lakers, and played well in limited minutes.  With just a 10 day contract in Boston it isn’t known how long Williams will be there, but I’m going to rock this wallpaper until something changes.


Recent Logos

I’ve been doing more and more freelance work lately, and I thought I’d share some of my recent work.  Not all of these logos were picked, but I’m happy with all of them so I wanted to show them before they disappear into the archives.

ChapmanEntertainment2 HawkestoneCrossFit RealityRavingsLogo WestEndDrugs


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